Music can be healthy in many ways for people of all ages. 

    Senior Citizens in recent years have shown more interest in the convenience of learning music Online. Many Senior Citizens are very skilled with using laptop computers and I-Pads as a way of acquiring skills especially in music, as it's never too late to learn !

    Studies have shown that being actively engaged with learning and playing music decreases depression and loneliness along with the reduction of stress an anxiety.

    Learning and playing a musical instrument engages both the right and left hemisphere regions of the brain.  When you play music, you use fine motor skills controlled by the  creative and analytic hemispheres of your brain. Other items of involvement include language; math; feeling; memory and many other functions .

    According to researchers, most activities use only a few areas of the brain at a time. Playing a musical instrument , on the other hand, sets off oa symphony of healthy activity all over your brain.

    Music can affect a persons  body temperature due to the person's blood circulation; their pulse rate; breathing and has also been known to lower blood pressure.

    Playing music relaxes the mind and also offers a person a pleasing outlet to cope with many emotional situations of stress. 

    Additionally, it builds self esteem and helps a person to have a more positive outlook on life, succeeding to develop a skill for their own personal achievement and entertainment.

    Lesson2Music welcomes Seniors to study with us Online or In Person, with great Teachers that love to teach !