Why choose Lesson2Music ?

    Best choice of Professional Music Instructors 

    In Person Music Lessons in areas of availability

    Online Lesson Convenience with No Travel time !

    Scheduling Lesson times are easy with Lesson Calendar

    Discounts on 4 - 6 and 8 Music Block Lessons available*

    *Music Lessons provide Health Benefits for Senior Citizens

    30 minute Free Trial Lessons available with listed Teachers*


    *At some point, you the Student will need to ask questions and receive immediate answers when you require Professional Guidance. If you're only using music instruction tapes & videos, how will you get experienced answers and instantaneous  guidance?

    *There's is no replacement for taking Live Lessons with an experienced Lesson2Music Teacher!

    At Lesson2Music our experienced Teachers are there to help guide you every step of the way, either Online; Home or Studio and are present for you to ask questions with their immediate answers and professional advice...

    Why wait?...Let's Begin right now !

    Are you ready to Learn Your Favorite Musical Instrument ? 

    How do you begin ?

    • View the Teacher Profiles by choosing one of the instrument bar links*
    • Click "View Class Schedule"  in the Teacher's Profile
    • Click "Book a Lesson" with your Teacher; Register & make an easy payment


     You will then receive a confirmation email / receipt for your Lesson time.

    We'll also send you an email reminder for your scheduled lesson.

    You can choose to make a payment using either Stripe or PayPal 




    Where do the lessons take place ?

    Some Teachers offer music lessons Online; In Person (your residence) or in a Teacher's private studio. Online Lessons are very convenient and are usually given using Skype; Face Time or a similar program. You just need a computer and internet connectivity.

    Online lessons have gained immense popularity over the years while still being able to provide a professional teacher/student learning environment and Online lessons are a great way of still being able to take lessons... despite inclement weather or other existing situations. Additionally, Online Lessons save travel time; gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle.

    Are Lesson2Music Teachers Independent Contractors ?

    Yes, Teachers at Lesson2Music are all Independent Contractors and their teaching schedules and Lesson fees can be very different which is why we ask that they post their Lesson Time Calendars to show available lesson times and list their Lesson fees on their Profile page, so that Students know the exact lesson fees to obtain the best times for their own schedules.

    Do I have to pay any 'Membership' fees for Lesson2Music?
    No. There are no 'Membership Fees'. Lesson2Music does not believe you should have to pay a Membership fee just to take a Lesson. Once you sign up for our Music Lessons you automatically become a Lesson2Music Member.

    In the near future , we do look to offer additional Music Services on our website that would require a small fee if you want to have this additional service..but... that will be optional for you. Lesson2Music will never charge any 'Membership' fees for taking Music Lessons. Additionally, we also look to offer some free music related services for our Student members.

    How does your billing work?
    Lessons are paid for in advance conveniently at your time of signing up, through our website using either Stripe or PayPal secure payment systems, some of the most secure & encrypted payment systems in the world. This up front payment guarantees your lesson time slot with the teacher you select. We also offer a money back guarantee... if you're not completely satisfied with your first paid lesson, and you'll receive a full refund. 

    There are many Teachers that offer Free Trial Lessons so you the Student can get a very good indication of the Teacher you choose. 

    Which forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept  Visa; MasterCard; Discover and American Express Credit Cards or Debit Cards. We also offer PayPal for your convenience.

    Unfortunately, we do not accept payments of cash, checks or money orders, and at the moment, we do not accept payments over the phone due to any possible security issues.


    How secure is my credit/debit card information when making Lesson payments through Stripe? 

    Stripe and PayPal are two of the most secure online payment platforms in the world !

                              *These payment systems are PCI certified.

     The most secure way to pay for your Lesson is by using Stripe or PayPal encrypted payment systems on our website. 

    You can make your choice at the end of the Student Registration form and once you click the "Submit" button on the Student Registration form, you'll either see the Stripe 'pop up box' to make a payment or if you choose PayPal, you'll be re -directed to the PayPal website to make a secure payment. None of your credit card information is viewed and is confidential with both payment systems.


    Your Lesson payments with Stripe or PayPal are made easy; secure and encrypted. Instead of your information and / or payments being 'held', your payment goes directly through Stripe for payment to your Teacher.

    Lesson2Music does not maintain any of your credit/debit card information.  All credit/debit card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 and our payment page using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) /TLS ( Transport Layer Socket) which are mechanisms for safely transmitting data on the web. 

    Can I pay at the time I take or get to the lesson?
    To reserve your chosen Lesson time slot, we require payment at the time of scheduling a lesson, which usually occurs at least 24hrs before your first lesson takes place, so payment is required before beginning your music instruction.

    How do I re-schedule a music lesson ?
    Most Music Instructors are very flexible when it comes to re-scheduling lessons. The best way to avoid being charged is to call and re-schedule immediately by contacting and speaking with a Lesson2Music representative directly within a 24hr time period. You must speak with a Lesson2Music Representative by calling: 855-386-6045 directly to cancel or it will be charged as missing a lesson. Again, you need to notify Lesson2Music at least 24 hours in advance. Rescheduling requests are subject to Studio and Instructor availability and policies. Please refer to our  Policy page for further reference.

    How do I choose a Music Teacher?
    View the Teacher’s Profile-Pages from either our top page menus; side bar links or home page picture icon links. Teacher's Profiles list the genres; styles; past & present music educational credentials and playing experience so as to obtain an understanding for their teaching style and characteristics. 

    Additionally, to make you feel more comfortable before making a final decision, many of our Teachers offer free 30min trial lessons, this will give you a good indication of your chosen Teacher's way of teaching. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your first Paid Lesson, we offer a complete money back guarantee, refunding your entire lesson fee.

    What type of Lessons do you offer?
    Lesson2Music offers a variety of music lessons on Piano; Vocal; Guitar; Acoustic & Electric Bass; Drums; Percussion; Violin; Viola; Cello; Clarinet; Trumpet; Saxophone; Flute and soon other instruments.

    What are the rates for your music lessons?
    Lesson rates vary depending on your Music Instructors fees.. which you the Teacher controls. Also if there are any fees for out of area travel. Some Teachers may charge a small additional fee to travel to you if you are very far from their area. Teachers will let you know up front, on their Profile Page if there are any additional fees.

    Length of Music Lesson times are normally either: 30min  45min or  60min. Some Teachers may offer additional Lesson Time lengths and will list them on their Profile Page. Lesson fees will also be listed in each Teacher's Profile.

    Can I purchase Lessons over the phone ?

    Unfortunately, at this moment, even though there are companies & programs to do this that are recently advertised..., we cannot conduct Lesson purchase transactions over the phone, as we feel that nowadays, this could still become a security issue. Phone credit card transactions in the credit card industry are still a bit unstable.

    Lesson2Music wants to make sure of complete encryption; and to guarantee credit card safety security measures to the best of our ability for all of our Students and their Families, before we would offer any phone transactions. If a secure program is created; tested and approved to accept payments by phone, Lesson2Music will send out an email to this effect to our users as another secure payment option.*For now, we ask that all Lesson purchases be conducted safely through our website either with Stripe or PayPal payment systems to be secure.

    Student Goals

    Students filling out their Registration section before beginning their Music Lessons help us obtain the proper contact info and in addition to giving us an overview of your future lesson goals. These future lesson goals will help us and your chosen Teacher provide you with the best possible Music Instruction learning experience.

    How do I know my Music Instructor is qualified?
    Lesson2Music chooses only the most qualified; experienced; dedicated & motivated music professionals for our music instruction that have also passed our In Person Screening process, both for credentials and background-wise. Additionally, you can view your Teacher's Profile page showing their teaching and playing experience.

    Teachers may also provide video(s) of themselves for your listening and learning reference as to their abilities in further helping you make a decision as to which Teacher meets your musical needs. Naturally a Teacher that offers you a Free Trial Lesson, might give you a better overall perspective, to see if this Teacher is perfect for you!

    How do I cancel a Lesson ?

    If you absolutely need to cancel a lesson, please call 855-386-6045 immediately and speak 'live' to a Lesson2Music representative 24 hours before your lesson or you will be charged for your scheduled lesson. We do realize there are 'situations' in life that are deemed emergencies and we do of course understand but out of respect for your Teacher and their daily schedules, it's respectful to notify us at least 24hrs before your Lesson, so you won't be charged and so your lesson schedule can be updated/re-scheduled. We thank you for your courtesy and consideration!

    *Please see Terms of Use #38 for our Cancellation information.

    How do I re-schedule a music lesson ?
    Most instructors are very flexible when it comes to re-scheduling lessons IF.. the Student contacts Lesson2Music far in advance of their Lesson time. Call Lesson2Music immediately at :855-386-6045 and speak directly to Lesson2Music representative (please do not leave a message for this situation). You must speak 'live' with a Lesson2Music Representative directly to re-schedule IF this is very close to the 24hr time limit..or it will be charged as missing a lesson. Again, please, no messages unless way in advance, thank you!

    Again, you need to notify Lesson2Music at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson at: 855-386-6045. Rescheduling requests are subject to studio and instructor availability and policies. Please refer to our Terms of Use page for further reference.

    What happens if I have to discontinue or take a few weeks to travel ?

    If you need to either discontinue lessons,(we would be sorry to see you go! ...or if just taking some time to travel etc.. It would be appreciated and helpful to let Lesson2Music know right away about either one, as far in advance as possible so we can contact our Teachers for your lesson updates and/or re-scheduling. Please call: 855-386-6045 and speak to a Lesson2Music representative for these situations, thank you!


    For Students under the age of 18, either Online or In Person Lessons, Lesson2Music requires:

    1) Checking the acceptance box for "Parent or Legal Guardian" document on top of the Student Registration form.

    2) That an adult; Parent or Legal Guardian over the age of 18 should be present if a Teacher comes to the student's home. Parents or Legal Guardians over the age of 18 need to at least be on the premises, even if they don't care to sit in the room as the Teacher proceeds with your lessons.... but we do ask that Parents/Legal Guardians become involved even if just by being there to listen and/or at the end of a lesson  (when there's a minute or two), to ask the teacher questions or give your feedback etc., as Parent's or the Legal Guardian's involvement can be very productive and motivational for the Student. 

    When the Student sees a Parent or Legal Guardian becoming involved, it shows them that they are interested in their musical progression.

    Please see and agree to our "Parent / Legal Guardian Agreement" on the Student Registration page when signing up. Thank You !

    More FAQ's to be answered in the future updates....