Do you have a passion to become a Vocalist? At Lesson2Music you can obtain great Teachers to help you develop the necessary skills and performance abilities to be a Vocalist. Learn breathing; timing/rhythm; sight reading; ear training; aural/pitching applications; posture; scales and much more.

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  • Jose Pietri-Coimbre

    Location: 8 MacArthur Avenue, 2nd floor, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, USA

    Instruments: Viola, Violin, Voice

    José Pietri-Coimbre has been a busy and passionate educator for nearly two decades, having been on the faculty of the Diller-Quaile School of Music, the Mozart Academy in New York....View Profile

    John Benedetti

    Location: 166 Cornelia St. Apt.#7, Brooklyn, United States

    Instruments: Trumpet, Voice, Piano

    Hello, my name is John Benedetti and I teach Trumpet Lessons in and around New York, NY. I also offer lessons in Classical Voice, Ear Training, Flugelhorn, Jazz Voice, Mariachi,....View Profile

    Carl Dennis

    Location: 110-31 173 ST, Jamaica, United States

    Instruments: Bass, Trumpet, Drums, Voice, Piano, Saxophone, Guitar

    PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY I'm an experienced instructor on at least six instruments (proficiently) Conducted music instrument lessons to student clients Feed Your Mind Music, Brooklyn, NY Developed curriculum for underserved music students Developed curriculum and....View Profile

    Lori Fredrics

    Location: 5 Duke ct, Park Ridge, United States

    Instruments: Voice

    I would be willing to give a half price first half hour to see if a student responds well to online instruction. This would be for Online only...The outstanding feature of....View Profile

    Ashley Wilson

    Location: 170 Newark Pompton Tpke, 1st Fl, Little Falls, USA

    Instruments: Bass, Cello, Voice, Piano, Saxophone

    Ashley is a creative individual who is patient and finds that personal success lies in the students' success. She believes that anyone has the capability to learn if presented with....View Profile


    Location: 9912 LILY ST N, PINELLAS PARK, United States

    Instruments: Bass, Voice, Piano

    Lessons on: Electric & Upright Basses Piano Drum Machine Programmer Electric & Upright Basses....View Profile

    Andrew Parsegian

    Location: 366 Hooper Street Apt #1, Brooklyn, U,S.A.

    Instruments: Bass, Voice, Piano, Guitar

    \"Hi There, I am an experienced, patient teacher who can teach you or your child to play rock, blues, classical and pop styles using fun and effective techniques. I can help....View Profile

    Melody Satvat

    Location: 2051 Wittington Place, Farmers Branch, United States

    Instruments: Voice, Piano, Guitar

    Melody has been behind the piano since the young age of 4. She took private lessons for 16 years, learning from some of the best classical music teachers. She was....View Profile

    Alison Kenady

    Location: 1895 N Green Valley PKWY, Henderson, USA

    Instruments: Trumpet, Clarinet, Voice, Guitar

    Alison teaches students : Ages 7 to 50 and SPECIAL NEEDS Students Beginning Lessons on : GUITAR - VOICE - CLARINET - TRUMPET ....View Profile