• Are there any required membership fees for Lesson2Music registration? 

    None at all... Your Teacher Registration is absolutely free! Just takes a minute to easily sign up on our Teacher Registration page.

    How do I obtain Lesson fees for my Music Instruction services ? 

    Your Lesson payments are sent to your Stripe or PayPal accounts directly upon completion & confirmation to Lesson2Music for each Music Lesson you teach. We do ask that Teachers sign up with either Stripe or PayPal, but that is of course up to each Teacher.

    At the moment, Stripe does not send to PayPal accounts. You are paid by the lesson and all of your information is strictly confidential.

    As a Teacher, how do I sign up with Lesson2Music ?  

    Sign up by completing the Teacher Registration page. We've also provided a checklist section at the bottom of the  Independent Contractor Agreement (PDF)

    The Following is a Checklist for Teachers signing up :

      Completion of the Teacher Registration form   
    • Any proof to verify your Independent Contractor status
      Lastly, we just need to conduct one 'live' (60 second ), interview (Skype)
    • Online Interview is at the time of Your convenience* 

    *Lesson2Music does suggest that all Independent Contractors have their own  General Liability insurance and background checks available.

    What if students miss payments on their lessons?  

    For your convenience, Student's Lesson fees are required up front at the time of their registration to secure one of your available lesson time slots, so student payments are required before they take any lessons. 

    You won't have the hassle or inconvenience of trying to collect checks; cash or awaiting other means of owed payments from students. Again, all lesson payments from students are made to Lesson2Music before their lessons can take place. Also, no student lesson payments are accepted over the phone. There are of course current means of payment acceptance advertised for businesses but still none that are very secure.... and this can turn out to be an unsafe way of doing business at this moment in time .

    *If there proves to be an 'iron clad,' safe way to accept payments over the phone in the future, we will make that announcement and include this accordingly.

    How is this "up front payment" explained to the Students ?  

    We do explain to the Students that Lesson prepayment is required because their music lesson payments are the Teacher's livelihood...and although their Teacher is passionate about teaching, unpaid or 'promised to pay' lessons that are scheduled where the student does not show up, (either in person or online), leaves you the Teacher, not only with an empty time slot that could have been filled.. but you're now obligated to stick around for that length of time (30min; an hour; etc.) until the next scheduled lesson occurs. In addition, sometimes 'promised lesson payments' are forgotten.

    What fees are charged by Lesson2Music ? 

    Our fee for the Billing; Scheduling; Marketing; Advertising and Promotion is only 20% per lesson as opposed to others that normally deduct anywhere from 25%-39% out of your earned Lesson fees. *Teachers always keep 80% of every lesson fee and again, we pay the Credit Card transaction fees for every lesson, so no one else has to.

    At the same time, we believe that you the Teacher, should be able to charge what  you feel are relevant Lesson fees-related to your experience. Haven't you spent many years and thousands of hours learning; performing teaching; honing/ refining your skills and knowledge to ask for what you feel is fair? We do!

    Furthermore, we feel that experienced; professional Teachers are priceless to your Students and we like to help you keep more of the money you work hard for. Of course being an experienced Teacher, you already know how your fees should be relevant to and be based for acceptance by students.

    Also, we do not attempt to hold or 'group together' your lesson fees for any 'weekly' or 'bi weekly' payments, as we feel there is simply no reason for this. Just complete the Lesson and receive your payment... simple right? We do ask that Teachers, if they so choose, to either set up their own Stripe or PayPal account for us to transfer your Lesson payments to, but of course that is of your own choice. *Posting times for your account will depend on your bank. 

    Does Lesson2Music pay the credit card transaction fees for Students?

    Yes! Why? So that transactional Credit Card fees do not 'cut into' either your Lesson fees, or financially inconvenience our Students.

    We truly appreciate your Presence here at Lesson2Music; your Membership; Your Time and imparting your knowledge; skills; experience and patience to our Students and do not want  these credit card charges  deducted from your lesson fees.


    Online Teaching:

    There are various methods of Online Instruction using either Skype; FaceTime; Web Ex  or others depending on what type the Student has.

    Are Teacher's Personal Information secure?

    Lesson2Music will never disclose your personal information without your express consent. We safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access through access control procedures; industry standard SSL Encryption for data transmissions; network firewalls and physical security measures. Again, we are PCI Compliant through our payment systems and all of your credit/debit card information is strictly confidential.

    Are background checks required for Teachers ? 

    It is highly suggested / recommended that you provide us with a copy of your most recent background check, as most Parents seek out Teachers that have completed these before they let Teachers give lessons to their children. 

    "E-Verify" is a noteworthy company to use... but you may use another company of your choice. If you provide us with a copy of your verification, we can list this on your Profile Page in a manner of your choice...so that students and their families may see you've completed a background check. With many families, this does make a difference.

    What if students are unhappy with their first paid lesson ? 

    Of course we do have an obligation and Policy to students where, if Students are unhappy with their first paid lesson only, we will be obligated to return 100% of their entire lesson fee. Naturally, that is on us.. and you will still keep your fee for that giving that Lesson. *Although, we will of course, inquire as to why the student was unsatisfied.

    *Normally to offset this type of occurrence, many Teachers offer one free 30 minute trial lesson for new students to see if their student is comfortable and content. It's not a requirement but usually helps to see if this is something students really want to continue with and that they're comfortable with their Teacher and of course it's good for future business on both sides.

    Can Students purchase Lessons over the phone?

    Unfortunately, not at this time. We do not conduct Lesson purchase transactions over the phone... as nowadays, this could possibly result in a security issue despite what other companies might advertise as "safe". Lesson2Music uses Stripe and Paypal to ensure your confidentiality and for secure encryption of all your banking information for your piece of mind.

    Currently, it's very easy for someone to use a stolen credit card over the phone with no consequences until later on.... which might be too late ! 

    To make sure of a safely encrypted security measure, we ask that all Lesson purchases be conducted through our secure website, www.Lesson2Music.com using Stripe or PayPal payment systems to be secure. In this way, none of your credit card information is revealed.

    How will I be contacted for Lessons?

    Lesson2Music will notify you immediately via automatic email for your approval of the students chosen lesson time. If needed you can always call 855-386-6045 to speak with us in reference to  any related Music Lesson concerns.

     We ask if you could just email your acceptance of a requested Lesson time to Lesson2Music@gmail.com . If your Lesson schedule has changed, then please let us know immediately, so we can contact the student with another available time slot to obtain a Lesson from you.

    We immediately send a confirmation email to the student for the approved lesson time. *We also send the student a reminder notification in advance of their scheduled lesson time. Lesson2Music also requires your notification of lesson completion so as then to send payment to your account for your services.

     What if a student needs more information on Lessons and Teachers ?
    We ask them to submit a "Lesson Request" located on every page of our website, if they need more information and we will reply within 24hrs. If the question has something specifically related to your teaching, we will forward their email to you immediately for any comments.

    What are the Policy & Terms of Use of our website ? 

    The links for the Policy page and the Terms of Use pages are on the Top Menu bar of this website. Links to these pages are, for your convenience, also listed below:

    Policy page   and   Terms of Use

    What type of Cancellation Policy do you have ? 

    So that we're all "on the same page" as opposed to confusion and possible contradiction with many Teacher's cancellation policies which might be different, the main steadfast policy is if students do not notify us about their cancellation 24 hours before their scheduled lesson time, they will forfeit any lesson refund.

    Students are instructed to call us first so we can immediately contact you. This way we're all in the same communication 'loop'. If, for some reason, you the Teacher, are contacted by the student at the last minute stating any irregular / emergency types of cancellation 'situations' that would warrant a 'make up' lesson, please call Lesson2Music right away at: 855-386-6045 (toll free), with a lesson make up time schedule or Email us at: Lesson2Music@gmail.com to let us know of any lesson cancellations for emergency situations.

    *Normally, all Lesson Requests and cancellations should go through us at Lesson2Music so that again, we can all stay "on the same page".If you do have a specific cancellation policy criteria concerning other matters, please let us know, thank you. 

    We also ask that you, the Teacher, please contact us within 24 hours if you need to cancel a student's lesson so we'll be able to contact the student in a reasonable time for rescheduling. For more information you can view our Cancellation Policy on the Policy page.

    How will I be contacted when potential students submit any questions related to your teaching on our "Lesson Requests" ?  

    *Lesson2Music contacts you immediately via email, as we do not want to bother you all day with phone calls related to these requests. *You can then accept the Student's requested lesson time *A confirmation email/receipt is immediately sent to the Student. 

    *We ask that you confirm completed Lessons to us right away or let us know if there are any time conflicts so as to schedule another time slot.

    Also we ask that you respond promptly so your potential student can plan on their lesson.

    *We ask that you notify us by email as to the completion of this and all lessons. Just listing the students name/date/cd"lesson completed" would be helpful.

    What are the qualifications to become a Music Teacher for

    We do ask that potential Music Teachers:

    • Have at least 3 to 5 years of Teaching experience with their instrument.
    • That they be motivated individuals to motivate our students.
    • That they be knowledgeable and considerate when conducting their teaching.
    • Have a command of the English Language

    * You can view our convenient Teacher 'checklist' at the bottom of the Independent Contractor Agreement ' PDF form located on the Teacher Registration page.

    **Again, we also highly suggest that each Teacher acquire and provide us with a copy of their background check which will be noted on your Teacher Profile Page for students and their families to acknowledge for any of their concerns. We list the company E-Verify for your convenience, of course you may use one of your choice.

    *We've listed a PDF link on the Teacher's Registration form that you can view called "Teacher's Suggested Guidelines" (next to the Independent Contractor link)

    Read and and click on the 'checkbox' for your agreement to the "Independent Contractor" agreement (PDF) - Located at the bottom of Teacher Registration Form page.

    Lastly, after checking your resume & information, we will just conduct a very short interview with you, via your preference of either using Skype or FaceTime, (at the time of Your convenience), to get to know you before your information can be posted in your Teacher's Profile. We do realize that your time is valuable and your schedule might be very busy, but we do need to speak with/ view the potential Teacher for listing on our website according to our company policy. Thank you

    How will I acquire new students ?
    Of course we do not guarantee new students... but, we work very hard to obtain many students for our Teachers through networking; marketing and targeted advertising. The volume of students depends on many factors. One of the best ways to obtain new students besides listing your written resume/credentials; and video links, are to also list your Testimonials from your existing students which you can list on your Teacher Profile Page so students and families always read and we'll soon have Testimonial listings both on our Home Page  and our Teacher Testimonial Page.

    If I'm an International Teacher, can I still Teach with Lesson2Music?
    Yes of course! We are based in New York State / USA and would love to have you apply to join us to offer Music Lessons to potential Students Internationally !

    • You just have to apply with the same online Registration form that all Teachers do
    • You must be able to teach your music lessons communicating in English
    • You must be aware of the student's time zone as opposed to your own, concerning Online Lessons for any International Students
    • We would recommend to check any 'legalities' and tax concerns related to your particular location, even when teaching Students Online.--We can offer assistance for research,  but .. there are many countries! 

    Items such as specific tax forms  etc. related to your particular country can be discussed as needed as there are of course various forms and contractor rulings sometimes for different countries.

    *Lesson2Music welcomes  All Teachers from many areas of the globe ! 

    Can I create my own Username & Password?

    Yes, you will have the ability to Create your own Username and Password.

    Future Music Services In the future, in addition to other music website services, we will look to be posting an Event Calendar with links listing Teacher's Performance dates and locations for interested Students. We're also open to your ideas and suggestions, so let us know!

    Please contact us with any questions you may have at :# 845-386-6045 or leave a brief  message which we will  return promptly.


    or email us at :


    Thank You ! Lesson2Music appreciates your time and consideration !