• Prathan Phakdeephon

    41-15 54th st #2F woodside Queens , NY 11377 USA

    Email: Lesson2Music@gmail.com

    Contact: 855-386-6045
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    Instruments: Guitar

    $30 for 30 min., $45 for 45 min., $55 for 60 min.

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    Prathan, a very talented Guitarist, Teaches all ages and levels of guitar students from Beginning to Advanced levels; a variety of styles including Classical, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock...as well as teaching vocal students. He's very active with performing; teaching and coaching working collaboratively
    to enhance our music program here at Lesson2Music.

    BME Bachelor of Music Education
    1992-1996 (Major in Classical guitar) at Teacher College Institute Bangkok, Thailand
    BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music
    2003-2006 working on 2nd Bachelor degree at City College NY, NY
    Coursework in Liberal Arts and Jazz Performance.

    Teaching Experience:

    Volunteer Guitar Intructor
    Providing guitar lessons for groups of children from ages 10-15
    Beginning to Intermediate level on weekend classes at the Thai Church.

    Coordinated concerts for students to have and opportunity to show the
    community what they have learned in their studies.

    Performance Experiences:

    "Prathan Duo"
    Performed throughout New York City at various clubs and restaurants performing
    some original music as well as some covers of legendary Guitarist Joe Pass and
    Vocalist Elia Fitzgerald, Tuck and Patti Prathan Quintet

    Led jazz quintet composing, arranging and performing music at clubs throughout
    New York and New Jersey. Indigenous Jazz

    Co-founded Original Jazz group performing throughout New York and New Jersey.

    Commissioned to compose music for the play “Recycling of Maganahon” premiered
    at International Fringe Festival the playroom 14th st in 2003.


    Available Lesson Times

    Location: 41-15 54th st #2F woodside Queens , NY 11377 USA