• John Hildebrand

    1847 Stainsbury Ave. Vancouver Canada

    Email: Lesson2Music@gmail.com

    Contact: 855-386-6045
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    Instruments: Drums

    $35 for 30 min., $45 for 45 min., $55 for 60 min.

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    For over 20 years I’ve taught drums in Greater Vancouver and in that time I’ve developed a friendly, supportive and encouraging approach to teaching drums that respects every students individual learning style and musical interests. In every lesson I’m constantly drawing on my experience, knowledge and passion for teaching to give each student the best experience I can. The journey of learning the drums with me is a combination of imparting my knowledge and experience with the natural curiosities and musical interests of the student; instilling good habits and an effective practice routine to give the students the ability to express themselves musically. I work to ingrain in my students the endless possibilities of the drums through exposure to the many genres and cultural influences that make up music and rhythm from around the world. My ultimate goal as an educator is to instill life long learning and to give young people a way to express themselves that words alone cannot.


    Available Lesson Times

    Location: 1847 Stainsbury Ave. Vancouver Canada