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    Leonard Pace began playing the drums at the early age 7. Since his father played the drums, he gave him basic instruction on how to play. At age 11 he had the opportunity at school to take drum lessons with John Kinyon (whom at the time was publishing his "Breeze Easy" methods for young music students).

    At age 13-15 he continued his studies with Larry Callahan (who had studied under Henry Adler and Ed Shaughnessy), learning more advanced technique and drum set studies. From him he gained a firm foundation in his overall playing skills (mastering rudiments, reading and technique).

    At age 16 he studied tympani under Gil Breines, percussionist with the New York Philharmonic and Chicago Symphonic Orchestra (author of "Modern Reading Text in 4/4" in collaboration with Louis Bellson). Later studied with Jim Chapin (jazz drummer), famous for his publication "Techniques for the Modern Jazz Drummer" (also know as the "Chapin Book").

    Studied indian tabla drums for 2 years with Larry Lemasters (student of Alla Rakha) learning classical indian raga rhythms and hand drum technique. Being a music major at college, he delved deeper into technical studies and music literature as well as taking private piano instruction.

    He started to play professionally in between school at age 16, doing club date gigs around the metropolitan region and small shows upstate N.Y., seeking work thru the musicians union. Since then he has performed in various jazz/rock + blues ensembles as well as original bands. Most recently he plays in the Hudson Valley region since he resides there.

    With his many years of private instruction and schooling in music, Lenny has a wealth of knowledge and resources for his teaching skills which he enjoys passing on to his students. His goal is to give a firm foundation in playing skills (which he himself has obtained) so that all of his students can go in any direction with their playing abilities.

    Len's philosophical belief in studying musical instruments (especially drumming), is that it is a strong self discipline towards personal development, similar to athletics and dance. Also the student will develop a deeper appreciation for music itself, through direct performance.


    Available Lesson Times

    Location: 00 address street Highland NY USA