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    I have been a music educator for over twenty years and at one time owned my own
    music school creating a curriculum for my advanced students.

    I am very dedicated and passionate about properly educating students so that they
    receive the many benefits of music.

    Neil Cacci's Bio - CHICAGO MUNICIPAL NEWS :

    "Neil Cacci’s expertise in the music industry and music education has resulted in an
    accomplished filled career."

    Following a promising stretch as an intern and demo artist at the legendary Chess Records in
    Chicago, Mercury, Decca, MCA and UA Records, Neil turned his music and songwriting talent to
    record production, pitching many songs to independent and major artists. Some of the more
    noteworthy publishers included Elvis Presley Music, Gladys Music, House of Cash,
    United Artist Publishing and Still Working Music (formerly Orbisongs).

    Resulting from hard work and diligence, Neil earned a number of music industry awards;
    from Grammy Nominations to Record Label and Publisher of the Year from the CMA.

    As a music educator, Neil is one of those rare individuals who mix professionalism with
    personality making the most of creative ideas by means of proven strategies paying close
    attention to detail.

    He utilizes his own teaching methods blending in proven Mel Bay disciplines for intermediate
    and advanced students; and the Dick Bennett method for intermediate to beginning students.

    Through the years, Neil has offered lectures, workshops and music clinics on many topics relative
    to music and the music industry. Some of the notable institutions include DePaul School of Music
    in Chicago, Illinois; Belmont University in Nashville and the American Conservatory of Music also
    in Chicago.

    In 1997, Neil was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters in Music from Cambridge, England.
    Neil has offered music instructions at some of the most frontline music schools; Rossi Music,
    Horizon Music, Midlothian Music, Sherry-Brenner Music, Bristol Grove Music and owned/operated
    his own school of music creating a music and music business curriculum for advanced students.

    Neil graduated with honors from the American Conservatory of Music (Chicago) and Carnevale
    School of Music; received a degree in Journalism from Medill at Omega School of Communications (Chicago) and most recently graduated from University of Chicago Blackstone Law with a degree
    in Music and Copyright Law.

    Neil wrote many papers and authored a referenced text book titled:
    “The Do’s and Don’ts of the Music Industry”.

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    Available Lesson Times

    Location: 3400 W. 111th Street., Suite 600 Chicago USA.