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    *Lesson2Music is seeking Music Teachers who have at least 3 to 5 years of Teaching experience*

    As soon as we receive your completed Teacher Registration Form, we will contact you to request a time at your convenience to conduct a Skype / other type of Online or a Telephone Interview according to our company policy. This interview will be very short (60 seconds or less ), as we do realize your time is important to you.

    What are Lesson2Music's fees? For all Networking; Advertising; Billing; Marketing & Promotion, we take a conservative 20% of each Lesson Payment. Lesson2Music pays all the Students Credit Card Transactional fees too.

    *No long term contractual agreements with Lesson2Music*

    You always keep 80% of each completed Lesson.


    We Do appreciate your Time and Consideration ,  Thank You!

    If you have any questions or concerns, click the link for Teacher FAQs here first or  click to Contact Us here using our Contact form. We appreciate your interest.

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    Mark the checkbox at the bottom of this registration form for acceptance of the Suggested Teacher Guidelines; Independent Contractor Agreement and Terms and Conditions. You can click these links at the bottom of this Registration form for the PDF Documents to open and read.

    *It's also important that you send to us your available Lesson times which we will include in your Profile Calendar for interested students to view.


    *Lesson2Music uses Stripe and PayPal Payment Systems as they are two of the most secure; encrypted and leading online payment platforms in the world. We are PCI Compliant. We do ask that Teachers sign up either with Stripe or PayPal to set up a free account of their own to receive their Lesson payments. This is optional of course, but could be great ways of managing and receiving the money  from your Lesson payments. 


    *Completion of the Teacher Registration form

    *Suggested Copy of any recent background check

    *Lastly, we just need to conduct one 'live' (60 second ) interview (Skype; others type) or a Telephone Interview according to company policy. 

    *Interview at the time of your convenience*

    *Again, if you have any questions, please visit the Teacher FAQ page* 

    Or you can call us at : 855-386-6045 toll free


    *Please feel free to send us any Testimonials from your students which we will post on your Teachers Profile page. This is a great way to advertise for students interested in taking lessons with you.

    Thank You !

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    **A representative from Lesson2Music will do one personal screening with you on Skype before being approved to teach. Upon acceptance, you will be notified via email within 36 hours and have access to upload your credentials/resumes/other information and any videos you want to share with potential students on your Teacher Profile Pages.

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    Harmony    Theory    Ear Training    Songwriting    Arranging    Orchestration    Jazz Music    Music Technology    Classical Music    Rock Music   

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